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Episode 43: The Inauguration of President Joe Biden

A special Inauguration Day episode of The Will & Rob Show! The guys discuss the missional effect of praying for our political authorities and spend some time analyzing Joe Biden's Inaugural Address.

2:15 - The missional effect of praying for government authorities.

8:15 - Holding politics in open hands.

10:36 - Will's on-the-ground report from Washington, D.C.

13:00 - Watching the inauguration on cable news versus major stations.

17:25 - The Inaugural Ceremony.

22:00 - The importance of continuity.

24:13 - Biden's Inaugural Address and the theme of unity.

27:00 - But what are our sources of disunity? Is it "fake news?"

29:15 - What about the nation's commitment to partisan politics?

34:25 - A unity amidst division or a unity by conquest?

44:00 - The Benediction

Show notes:

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