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God's Lavish Abundance

Giving thanks to God.

The imagery of Psalm 65 is lavish and abundant. The words of David display a God who generously pours out his goodness; who supplies righteousness to slake the thirst of those in need (v. 5, Matthew 5:6); whose might awes the people as He raises mountains and sends the earth revolving around the sun (v. 8).

Biblical scholars suggest that this was a Psalm sung during harvest time. And so, with that in mind, I would like to focus on verses 9-13.

Verse 9 depicts a God who sends rain on the land. Rain lands on the grassy hills and flows down to fill the once dry riverbeds with refreshing water. In verse 10, that water softens the earth to bless it with vegetation and life. He is a God who provides the nutrients to supply the people of the earth with grain and good things.

And then, in verse 11, we see a God who fills the wagons with such riches of harvest that its wheels are pressed into the land leaving tracks of overflowing produce. This generosity elicits joy from the hills, meadows, and valleys so that they shout and sing (vv. 12-13).

Not many of us in Washington, D.C., or the rest of the United States for that matter, come from an agricultural background, but we sense the blessing that this Psalm offers. We understand the drought in our heart caused by sin and the hunger due to our separation from God. And so we rejoice that in Jesus Christ, God has provided atonement for our transgressions (v. 3), brought us back to righteousness, and offers a feast at his table.

The hustle of life makes it a challenge to give thanks. We are told that we must work harder and do more to achieve what we want. But in 1 Corinthians 4:7 we are asked the question, “What do you have that you did not receive?” The Bible shows us a God who gives us all what we truly need.

Even still, we are not quick to give thanks. We are more quick to express to God our needs and all that we lack, which is good and right to do. But let us not miss the goodness of his gifts. More often than not, what our souls really need is to express thankfulness to our God. We are approaching the season of Thanksgiving in America. As Christians, we have extra reason to give thanks as we consider God’s lavish abundance.

Will Stockdale is a Ministry Associate and co-host of The Will & Rob Show.


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