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Intern with Ministry to State!

Interested in coming to D.C. to intern for Ministry to State? Wondering what your experience might be like? Below you'll find a few insights about life in D.C. and working on Capitol Hill from our recent summer intern, Sarah Carter.

Sarah interned with MTS in the summer of 2023. While in D.C., she assisted with Commons, MTS’ summer intern program, helped to host various dinner forums and events, and helped the ministry make connections with new and current Hill staffers. Read more below!

For more information or questions regarding applying for an upcoming internship, please contact Will Stockdale,


How did you get connected with Ministry to State?

I got connected to Ministry to State through a family friend named Don Sampson, who knows MTS’s Executive Director and Founder Chuck Garriott and the work of Ministry to State. Given I have an interest in ministry and a care for those in government, Don quickly suggested reaching out to Ministry to State for summer work in D.C. I interviewed and shortly after, I was calling the team and booking a flight to D.C. for an internship.

What surprised you most about Capitol Hill?

During my internship, I was surprised to see that a significant portion of Congress is managed by young individuals. The youthfulness of the majority of Hill staffers truly surprised me. Instead of encountering predominantly older individuals in congressional offices, I was pleasantly surprised to find college students and recent graduates, peers of my age, actively running and contributing to congressional offices. This phenomenon was not limited to one specific office but was a prevailing trend across all the congressional offices I encountered. Young people were effectively overseeing the inner workings of these offices and actively participating in the policymaking process at the highest level of government. It dawned on me that those involved in policy or government were genuine people similar to me.

How has your time in D.C. impacted the way you think about public service and those who work in government?

Much like my astonishment at the abundance of young professionals in D.C., what profoundly impacted my understanding of those engaged in public service was their prevalent search for religious truth. The people I interacted with were genuine individuals grappling with brokenness, and actively seeking God and healing found in Christ. Christians exhibited an overwhelming zeal for Christian theology, often finding themselves independently studying the teachings of the early church, reformed theology, church tradition, etc. However, I noticed this search for spiritual truth was not exclusive to Christians. Even the non-Christians I encountered were on a search for religious truth, with many incorrectly finding purpose in government work instead of Christ. 

How has your time in D.C. impacted the way you live out your faith and work in ministry?

One of the most meaningful lessons I learned in D.C. was in adopting a mindset of humility. My experiences taught me to meet people where they are in their faith and to walk alongside them in the journey. Whether that was in listening to someone tell their story of how they ended up in D.C. or extending a hand in times of need, I soon found myself relying on humility to see and relate to others. This attitude, although preexisting during my time in D.C., was greatly reinforced through the people I met, the relationships formed, and my experience in D.C. 

What advice would you give to a Christian who just moved to D.C.?

Seek out the community! It is essential to connect with a church and its community. During my time in D.C., finding other Christian young adults played a pivotal role in forming meaningful relationships with others and a stronger relationship with Christ. Whether it's through a young adults group, a Bible study at church, or meeting other Christians through Commons (Ministry to State’s summer internship program), I would highly advise Christians prioritize finding a Christian community in D.C.

Favorite museum in D.C.?

I thoroughly enjoyed the immersive art at the Hirshhorn Museum. The captivating art turned the museum visit into an experience rather than a mere observation.

Best place to walk in D.C.?

I loved to walk the National Mall in the late evenings. I would start at the Capitol and walk to the back of the Lincoln Memorial to watch the sunset over Arlington, Virginia. When the sky was clear, it was a beautiful sight that I would truly recommend to any person living or visiting D.C. 

Favorite D.C. restaurant?

While it may be quick, I genuinely enjoy Cava. Since it's not available in the Midwest, I always make sure to pick it up whenever I'm in D.C. For me, I would consistently give it a 10/10 rating.

For more information or questions regarding applying for an upcoming internship, please contact Will Stockdale,


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