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Intern with Ministry to State!

Interested in coming to D.C. to intern for Ministry to State? Wondering what your experience might be like? Below you'll find a few insights about life in D.C. and working on Capitol Hill from our recent summer intern, Jay Jasti.

Jay interned with MTS in the summer of 2023. While in D.C., he assisted with Commons, MTS’ summer intern program, helped to host various dinner forums and events, and helped the ministry make connections with new and current Hill staffers. Read more below!

For more information or questions regarding applying for an upcoming internship, please contact Will Stockdale,


How did you get connected with Ministry to State?

I learned about Ministry to State from my mentor and Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) intern, Justin Blizard. I met Justin when I attended RUF on Baylor University's campus in the fall of 2023. I participated in Baylor's summer fellowship program on Religion and Social Life in D.C. God led me to work for a ministry in D.C., so I called Justin. Soon, I connected with Will Stockdale.

What surprised you most about Capitol Hill?

I was surprised by the easy access to offices. I did not know people could walk into any office on Capitol Hill. I was surprised by the openness of various interns and staff to meet and hear the Gospel. Also, the amount of free soda and peanuts that offices would offer.

How has your time in D.C. impacted the way you think about public service and those who work in government?

Going into the internship, my perception of those who work in government was primarily negative. I did not trust D.C. and its politics. However, after meeting people from different backgrounds with different perspectives, I realized most people on Capitol Hill are hardworking individuals motivated by the prospect of doing good. Similarly, my perception of public service has changed due to the Bible. I see public service as a noble calling that an individual serves in the authority established by God.

How has your time in D.C. impacted the way you live out your faith and work in ministry?

After D.C., I have had a greater zeal and motivation to love diverse people groups. D.C. has taught me to love beyond boundaries such as politics, religion, culture, etc. As a result, I have a heart for individuals from diverse backgrounds. D.C. has also taught me to depend more on the Holy Spirit in my preaching.

What advice would you give to a Christian who just moved to D.C.?

Seek a Christian community by attending a Bible-believing church. Open yourself by talking with people who are not like you. Reach out to different mentor figures such as a pastor or a Christian professional. Learn from them and use the time you have wisely. Enjoy the food, events, and bookstores in town. Above all, know that Jesus is always with you and will never leave you!

Favorite D.C. food spot?

Nandos Peri Peri

What about a D.C. tourist spot?

African American Museum. A truly life-changing experience. I had booked an appointment three weeks in advance and spent four hours inside the museum. Worth the wait and the length. The National Mall from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol as well. And the Marine Corps parade every Friday!

And your favorite D.C. neighborhood?

Capitol Hill. The church I attended was located on Capitol Hill. It had the best food spots. I found it easy to navigate and every Sunday I played soccer with friends! Most interns also live over there so it was easy to meet people. 

For more information or questions regarding applying for an upcoming internship, please contact Will Stockdale,


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