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Rev. Chuck Garriott: In response to the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, Chuck was part of a clergy team that ministered to families who had lost loved ones in the tragedy. This civic outreach was followed by the development of a ministry to the Oklahoma state government that eventually was called Ministry to State.  Through this ministry, Chuck led a Bible study in the capitol, met weekly with state senators and house members for prayer and study.

Since the early nineties he has had experience in international ministry, preaching and teaching in churches and schools in Central Europe, Central Asia, East Asia, the Middle East, Haiti and extensively in South Africa.


Chuck received his MDiv degree from Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis in 1979, was ordained as a PCA minister in1980 when he was called as Assistant Pastor and Youth Director at Covenant Presbyterian in Cherry Hill, NJ in 1979.  In 1983 Chuck answered the call to become Pastor of Heritage Presbyterian Church in Oklahoma City, OK, where he served for 20 years.


While serving at Heritage, Chuck provided leadership for the PCA church planting movement in the Oklahoma City area; various mission churches and one Reformed University Fellowship were established during his ministry.  He has served on the Southwest Church Planting Network executive committee.  Chuck has published six books,  Work Excellence, A Biblical Perspective of Work, Obama Prayer: Prayers for the 44th President, Rulers: Gospel and Government, Prayers for Trump: Petitions for the 45th President,  Love and Power: Glimpses of the Gospel for those addicted to Self, and Prayers for President Xi: Petitions for the President of the People’s Republic of China. He presently serves as Director of Mission to North America’s, Ministry to State.

Chuck and his wife Debby reside in Washington, D.C. They have four children and seven grandchildren.

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