Rulers: Gospel and Government

RG2 - coverRulers – a collection of 10 essays by 8 authors – suggests a paradigm shift in which Christians must not try to better our nation by merely advocating certain policies, but instead by supporting, praying for, ministering to, and encouraging our nation’s leaders.  Real change and improvement will happen when rulers carry a biblical mindset, godly perspective, and righteous pursuits into their offices.  Equipping leaders with “gospel-driven character and biblically-informed concepts of public policy” furnishes them with the “necessary competencies to lead with principled effectiveness.”


The authors of these chapters provide personal accounts of exactly how their intentional ministries, some operating under the umbrella organization, Ministry to State (MTS), are bearing fruit in state and national capitols. MTS’s support and kinship offered to these civil authorities naturally unites people of all political, denominational, and vocational stripes: Republicans and Democrats, “fundamentalists, Evangelicals, Roman Catholics, and mainline Protestants… janitors, security guards, tax collectors, bureaucrats, politicians, legislative aides, interns, and everyone in between.” Though the political agendas in our country sway with cultural tides, for these ministries, the agenda is simple: the gospel. Recognizing that the gospel is the only true vessel for positive change, MTS navigates through the political tides of our day and helps steady the ship with the message of Jesus.

In turning the final page of the book, readers will not only be encouraged to learn of the existence of such a ministry, but in the midst of the 21st century’s contentious and seemingly ever-cynical political climate, they may also be encouraged that there is an answer, and that the answer is simple: the church is called to present the gospel to everyone.

September 8-12, 2014, Chuck Garriott discussed the inspiration for and desired impact of Rulers on Conversations with Harry Reeder. Listen to the conversation, which was split into five parts, here: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5


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