Praise and Full Reviews


The Bible commands us to “pray for all those in authority” over us (1 Tim. 2:2). Neither the politics nor policies of the leaders negate that imperative. Because the heart of rulers is in the hand of the Lord, we ask God to provide his wisdom, righteousness, correction, and direction to those who are responsible to lead and defend our nation. Chuck Garriott and Ministry to State have encouraged such prayer for those in highest office during previous administrations, and this new effort is both appropriate and timely. It is not partisan to pray; it is obedience.

–Brian Chapell, president emeritus of Covenant Seminary, author, pastor


As followers of Christ, we pray for those in authority over us. One’s views on policies and personal character should not be a non-motive for praying. Scriptures tell us to pray for all those in authority, and that obviously starts with the president of the United States… I believe our focus should be on God humbling this man, protecting him and his family, surrounding him with wise counselors, and giving him wisdom for leading the most powerful nation on earth.

–Joni Eareckson Tada, author, speaker, founder of Joni and Friends International Disability Center


Pascal once said of us humans that we are noble ruins. It is a fitting word-picture that captures a robust theological anthropology, acknowledging both our dignity and depravity. And it is these two truths that allow Christians to thoughtfully approach all people with both respect and discernment. In this short collection of reflections and prayers, Chuck Garriott thoughtfully looks at our 45th President with both in view. Through the lens of Scripture and the Proverbs in particular, Garriott acknowledges that our leaders decisions have real consequences both nationally and globally. But more amazingly, so can our prayers. Whatever your thoughts may be of our 45th President, this book is a valuable tool, as it calls on the church to pray as we are commanded in Scripture, trusting the One in whose hand are all the corners of the earth, and realizing that dignity and depravity are intending to some destiny. May this book guide the church and individuals as they respectfully and critically pray for the 45th President.

–Rev. C.L. Bedell


Charles Garriott’s Prayers for Trump is a call for Christians across the political spectrum to pray for Donald Trump. Using wisdom from the Old Testament book of Proverbs, Garriott makes the theological case for praying for the president, and guides readers in praying for the president’s work, life and faith. “Christians may not get their political way. But they are expected to represent the gospel in every sphere of life. Thoughtful, intelligent and persistent prayer for our leaders is part of what it means for us to be salt and light in a needy world,” says Garriott. “President Trump needs prayer…I hope that the material presented will not be viewed as a book to be read and then put aside. Instead, it would be my desire that individuals, groups, congregations and even those in office, would use the book to pray independently and corporately for the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump.”

–Michael Philliber, pastor of Heritage Presbyterian Church, Edmond, OK