5: Words



Today we come to you, O Lord who has spoken to us over the course of time through your servants and prophets. The spoken word has always been a significant part of your relationship with creation and especially your people. You have given us the great gift of your Son, the Word that has become flesh. In all these ways you have revealed to us your holiness, glory, grace and love.

The words spoken by President Trump are critical for the health and well being of our nation. We pray that you would give him great discernment, insight and wisdom as he addresses our nation and world. May he know when it is appropriate to convey his opinion and directions and when to remain silent. Direct his words whenever he gives an executive order. May the reporting agent, the press secretary, and the world’s media accurately convey our president’s messages. May we the people of this great nation carefully consider all that he says. And help us to listen and discern rightly how to respond graciously to our president. We ask you, O Lord, to hear our prayer, in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.