3: Direction



Our Father in Heaven, whose name is to be hallowed, you have intrigued us with your work of creation and history of providence. You are the Sovereign LORD who comes with power and authority. We are in awe of your goodness, love and majesty. You have measured out the waters in the hollow of your hand and with your hand marked the expanse of the heavens. Your thoughts and ways are beyond our ability to completely understand. To you the nations and those who rule them are like a drop in a bucket or dust on a scale. You are Lord of every ruler, king, prime minister and president. The United States of America and her president belong to you. For all that you are and all that you have done we give praise and adoration.

Thank you for the life and position of President Trump. May all his thoughts and actions be in concert with your Word and will. May he bring honor and glory to you in his private life as well as his public office. He and his administration are confronted each day with matters that impact the lives of this nation and, indeed, the world. Therefore we ask that you would direct his heart in accordance with your goodness and revealed will. We pray that the fruit of the Spirit would overflow from his heart and work. Give him the wisdom, courage and grace to carry out his duties in a manner that would result in prosperity and peace. May all the days of his life be lived out in service and worship of you. For your glory, we pray in the name of our Savior. Amen.