12 for the 45th: Monthly Prayers for President Trump

Scripture teaches us to pray regularly for our nation’s leadership, in hope of the gospel as reflected in 1 Tim. 2:1-8.  This applies to our current president, Donald Trump. No matter whether you support or oppose his policies, or where you find yourself on the political spectrum, the president and his administration need prayer.

12 for the 45th is a reminder to pray throughout the year, once a month, for President Trump.

Starting in May 2017, we suggest that churches, small groups and individuals use one petition each month from the book Prayers for Trump – Petitions for the 45th President.

Each petition may be used in part, as a whole, or added to, as a guide for the church and its ministry. Any of the twelve, all listed here, may be copied or electronically distributed as desired.


1: Prayer
4: Wisdom
5: Words
6: Favor
7: Family
8: Truth
11: Justice
12: Friends