11: Justice



Our Father in Heaven, you sent your only Son to care for the poor both physically and in spirit.

May your Holy name be praised. We acknowledge that as a nation we have instituted policies and laws that have forced oppression and hardship upon millions of men, women and children. We have failed to realize the great offense our actions have caused and the future pain to be borne. The consequences are still with us. We pray that you will enable us to see our corporate sin and help us to repent of our wickedness. We pray that you would pour out your mercy upon those who are suffering. We pray for those who do not have the necessary means to care for themselves or their families. Help those who are needy and destitute.

We ask O Lord, that you would provide our president, Donald Trump, great wisdom and guidance in this area. May he remember his own spiritual poverty and need for the gospel. May his concern for the poor and destitute not be for political gain, but out of a desire to please you and help others. We ask that we would be known as a nation that defends the rights of the poor and needy in our own land and beyond. We pray that we would defend the weak and homeless, both in and outside the womb.


It is our request that destitute mothers and fathers who are not able to provide for their families would experience the blessing that comes from the family of God. May our president, Donald Trump, lead us as a nation in caring for and assisting the poor. In the name of the one who died for the poor, Jesus Christ, Amen.