10: Integrity



Our gracious Lord, the temptation to live for the moment is always present. It is difficult to refrain from doing that which benefits ourselves and hurts the integrity of our government. President Trump and his administration are subject to enormous pressures from those whose desire is only for self- interest. Their numbers and influence can be seductive and overwhelming. We ask, O Lord, that you would help this administration pursue integrity. Protect them from moving in any direction that is not consistent with the definition of justice that your Word reveals.

We know, Lord, that there is no one like you and your magnificent demonstration of fairness. We are humbled to know that our Lord and Savior Christ once and for all satisfied your righteous standard. Instead of receiving your wrath, all those who trust in you have your mercy and love. May all that you have conveyed to us regarding integrity be understood and applied by our president. Thank you for his life and work. All this we pray in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.